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The old myth that “people with cancer cannot receive massage” has now been reversed due to the scientific research that, in fact, supports the clinical observations of massage benefits for people with cancer. The benefits extend to people during treatment, at end of life, in the process of diagnosis, and those in survivorship of many years.  In fact, massage is offered in some of the largest cancer centers and hospitals around the country and more physicians are recommending massage to their patients as a part of their care.  

Anyone currently in treatment, or in a year of recovery from treatment, benefit from regular massage by managing symptoms such as pain, anxiety, nausea, muscle tension, fatigue, and poor sleep.  It also seems to ease depression and help with body image.

Having had advanced training in oncology massage by Tracy Walton, a nationally recognized instructor and a pioneer in Oncology massage research, means that I know what questions to ask, what precautions to take, any adjustments necessary to individualize your session to your needs.  Depending upon your unique situation, the massage may not look much different than a massage someone may have gotten before a cancer diagnosis. 

Imagine a professional touch which provides comfort and not pain.

"Massage therapy is not contra-indicated in cancer patients, massaging a tumor is, but there is a great deal more to a person than their tumor."

                                                            ~Bernie Siegal, MD


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