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After 3 traditional massage sessions with Dawn it became apparent to both of us that I was overall pretty relaxed in my upper body but incredibly tight in my thighs, hips, and pelvic girdle.  I’ve always been embarrassed of my inflexibility and limited range of motion, so when she suggested doing some deep lower body stretching, I decided to give up my desire to “be pampered” and try it out.  While there were certainly a few moments of “it hurts so good” discomfort, the benefits really linger.  I liked being an active part of the session (instead of being between asleep and awake the whole time) and I learned the value of surrendering my zillions of muscle fibers over to someone else instead of having control. 

Even when I stretch my own muscles, my impatience usually causes me to force and strain a smattering of big muscles groups before they’re warm enough to manipulate, and I am left frustrated and resigned about my capabilities. Dawn not only awakened my “powerhouse” but she taught me how to stretch efficiently on my own and reduce tightness and strain.  I expected soreness during my workout at the gym the day after my session, but was delighted to notice myself squatting more freely and effectively than ever.  I felt so strong and loose, that I increased the weight I squatted with by 20%.  Since then, there’s been a sense of aliveness and mobility when I walk and run and when sitting I don’t have the urge to toss one leg over the other and slump onto the bottom of my spine.  My pelvis feels wide and like it’s actually able to support me now and I can feel the presence of muscles and tendons that I was unaware of a couple of weeks ago.  This in turns strengthens and aligns my body, which is also my instrument so I’m incredibly grateful.

by Sarah Morrow , Opera Singer - Cambridge, MA


"Dawn is an amazing massage therapist!  During a massage with her, you can really tell she is in tune to your needs.  I am always able to relax deeply and can feel the healing working through her.  The connection is there that is missing in most other massages I have received.  I never want my massage with Dawn to end!"

by Liz Carr - Mansfield MA


"Dawn has a very special talent combining her massage therapy skills with her keen insight into each client's needs at both a physical and energetic level utilizing her impressive Reiki ability."

by Alan Jacobson - Stoughton MA


"I always look forward to Dawn's massages.  The serenity and warmth of her demeanor mixed with her obvious knowledge result in a wonderful experience every time.  She has been able to relieve stress I've had in my back for years, as well as work out tension in my muscles that I never noticed were so tense!  I always walk out feeling renewed and at peace and find myself talking about my amazing massage for days!"

by Aubri Lang - Maynard MA


"As a fellow therapist, I had a rare opportunity to watch Dawn perform a Reiki session. I knew immediately that she had a gift.  Her sessions are wonderfully relaxing and I've had strong connections with her that are difficult to put into words.  Her kind nature and understanding helps me open up and let go, and the trust I feel with her is so important to me.  I highly recommend Dawn to anyone looking for deeper insight into energy work."

by Nicki Nicholson - Quincy MA


"I have been to a number of different salons and spas for massage.  While still studying for her licensure, Dawn suggested I come in to her school clinic for a massage.  I went for one and I was hooked.  Dawn constantly greets me with a warm smile and hug.  She always makes me feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed.  Dawn has taken the time to figure out what works best for me and has tried new techniques to make me feel more relaxed.  Most importantly, I know I can depend on Dawn to help me feel healthy, peaceful, and refreshed.  I suffer from migraines, poor circulation, and arthritis in my shoulders.  All have been greatly improved by regular massage.  I would recommend Dawn to anyone.  She's the best!"

by Melissa Griffin - Quincy MA


"I have had several massages from Dawn and I'm always looking forward to the next. Her hands are so intuitive and feel they are melting into my body when she works on me. Since I use my hands a lot, I greatly appreciate her amazing hand- and arm-massage. With a nice calming room, it makes for an awesome experience.  Relaxing and healing."

by Mette Ravn - Hanover MA


"Dawn has wonderful skills, that she combines with a heartwarming spirit.  Her massage sessions are truly healing." by Mary Senica - Canton MA


"Dawn is the best.  It's honestly the best massage I've ever gotten."

by Jenna Winn - Stoughton MA


Dawn, you have been my massage therapist for 3 years. Thanks to your expertise, I have relief from the strain of IVF, childbirth, neck/lower back pain, emotional distress, as well as a much reduced stress level. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a very knowledgeable, professional and caring massage therapist. Some of the things that are most impressive about you is ability to provide relief for whatever aches and pains I may have, and providing a relaxing, calm and warm atmosphere, and your unfailing honesty.You truly are the best.

During a recent visit, you discovered that I had substantial inflammation in my lower left back that concerned you and recommended I visit a chiropractor immediately to have it checked out before our next appointment. You also assessed that my hips were not aligned well and other activity around my spinal area LOL (I bring you so many prezzies). I followed your sage advice and went to see a chiropractor that came highly recommended with a day and a half. She diagnosed that I had a sublexation in the lumbar spine and sacroiliac in the joints, as well as needing some adjusting in the spine and neck. The mass on my neck that you massaged and moved fluids out of was connected to these issues as well, just as you suspected.

The chiropractor was pleased that I have been seeing an MT these past few years to care for my body and soul! She talked with me about the benefits of massage therapy for treating chronic diseases and injuries to alleviating stress. The physical changes massage brings to your body can have a positive effect in many areas of your life! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and care you have given me over the years. I have never slept so well in my whole life and treasure all the energy work we do in concert with massage therapy! 

by Brenda Cocuzzo - Norton MA 

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